Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mind Your Toes!

The Sweet Fairy Blogmother does not want to step on any toes, nor does she want to hurt any feelings.
And the Sweet Fairy Blogmother is not perfect, herself!
Her mission is to help fix errors on blogs; spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.
When someone first visits your blog, these things make a first impression.  We all want that to be a positive reflection on you, the blogger.  And I am here to help you with that!
When I visit a blog and notice an error, I will KINDLY point it out.  I hope you will take it in the spirit in which it is intended; with kindness and maybe a little humor.
If you have, or seek, advertisers or other media relationships, this could help you there as well; a blog with poor spelling and grammar may not attract the same offers as one that has been whipped into shape by the Sweet Fairy Blogmother!
I even have a lovely button that you can place on your sidebar or in a post, if you choose:

You are also welcome to nominate someone for a visit from me; just leave me a comment, or send me an email at SweetFairyBlogmother(@)gmail(dot)com .

Love & Fairy Blessings!